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Maintenance contract
Maintenance contract for boilers
For efficient operation and maintenance of various products and cutting edge functions, the best service is provided. We shall endeavor the best for customer satisfaction by performing advance visits, prevention measures and solutions for discomfort.
What is maintenance contract policy?

This systematic service management policy provides technical service to customers for the best performance by failure prevention and performance maintenance so that the boiler’s functions and performance are sufficiently exhibited in efficient operation and maintenance.

  1. Perform visiting inspection once a month.
  2. Customers can expect a prompt visit, inspection and repair for unexpected failures.
  3. Repair and replacement of new authentic products are provided at free of charge for failed parts.
    According to contract conditions, overall coverage or partial coverage at a lower cost can be selected.
  4. When working on consumable parts (antiscaler, etc.) or washing tubes, customers can purchase or wash tubes at better benefits.
  5. Boiler water quality management and diagnosis service are provided.
  6. Technicians who completed functional and technical training will visit to provide one-on-one training.