• Product Introduction
  • Flue tube-smoke tube boiler vs. multi-tubular boiler
Characteristics of the flue tube-smoke tube boiler
Characteristics of 4th generation condensing boiler
Characteristics of new product

  • By maximizing efficiency (based on low heating value), a high efficiency of 102.5% has been certified by the Korea Energy Management Corporation.

  • By greatly reducing O2 and NOx in emission gas, heat loss from emission gas was minimized and the environment was significantly improved.

  • By adopting the combustion control system with the highest safety certification grade in Europe of SIL3 from the TUV in Germany, the best safety operation is assured.

  • The cutting edge smart function was integrated enabling monitoring of the operation status of the installed boiler from all locations using a PC/smart phone on the internet via internet web server.
Cutting edge boiler operation system
4th generation condensing boiler integrated with EGM
In 2013, Daeyeol Boiler developed and launched a cutting edge 4th generation condensing boiler with Daeyeol’s EGM (Eco-Green Management) system integrated with the company’s patent technology, the Riello burner and combustion control technology in one system, which was designated and registered as an excellent product by the Public Procurement four consecutive times.
  • Economic - High efficiency
    Certification of high efficiency
  • Green - Environment friendly
    Certification of low NOx
  • Management - integrated management
    Certification of TUV safety
  • Certificate of excellent product
123rd fl. Lotte Super Tower
  • Renowned for its technology, quality and safety, a 4th generation condensing boiler is installed.
  • Capacity: 4 units of 15 tons, 1 unit of 10 tons, 1 unit of 8 tons, 5 units of 5 tons (total 103 tons)
EGM(Eco-Green Management) Key Technologies
What is ECO-GREEN operation?
A cutting edge operating method enabling low NOx of under 40 ppm at a boiler load changing sector (20-100%) and high efficiency of over 98% with an electronic two-damper air fuel ratio control system by adopting a Riello low NOx burner, LMV5 of Siemens and Climatix
  • Eco-Green operation
LMV5… O2 Trimming Control
What is a system?
A system that measures the amount of O2 in the emission gas generated from an operating boiler, and saves energy cost by optimizing combustion efficiency by trimming the number of rotations in the inverter fan and combustion air damper.
  • In 10-60% of load, the air and gas damper opens at a certain ratio to operate with a set O2 value, however, when the load increases to 70%, the air damper deviates from the ratio range generating heat loss due to excessive air. During this, the O2 value is reduced to the range of minimizing heat loss due to O2 trimming control. Also, the trimming of air moves along the set curve, and prevents the hunting of an O2 value through predicting the control function.
  • The graph above shows trimming the O2 value by moving the air from 52 to 35 and the inverter (VSD) from 85 to 75 while maintaining the location of the gas damper based on a 70% load at 40.
  • Eco-Green operation
  • ECO-GREEN Point operation
    A system operating at the highest efficiency by finding the optimized ECO point and GREEN point in all loads
  • Application of two-damper and O2 trimming
    Electrically controls the fuel ratio by installing a two-damper and O2 trimming (O2 trimming option)
  • Automatic fuel damper function
    A function preventing heat loss by installing an automatic fuel damper (heat loss prevention/option from an ascending air current of a skyscraper)
  • Quality steam supply
    Supply quality steam of over 99% dryness by applying an automatic water supply control system integrated with patent technology
  • Pre Control Function
    Prevent imperfect combustion from abrupt generation of CO by prediction control of air amount by monitoring the changing status of O2
  • Accomplish perfect combustion
    Combustion technology micro controlling damper angle of gas and air by 900 to 1
  • Automatic function of gas-oil dual
    Prevent imperfect combustion by automatically transferring a two-way gas-oil burner without separate combustion adjustment
  • Apply damper motor CAN BUS exclusive line
    Accomplish perfect combustion through precision stroke operation by applying CAN BUS exclusive line to the gas and air damper
  • Web server function
    Web server function for monitoring the boiler operation status with a smartphone or computer
  • HMI function
    The function enabling integrated management of multiple boilers with one computer (option)
  • Automatic unit number function
    A function that automatically determines the number of operating boilers and operating priority according to load (option)
  • Full package system
    A system package that can perfectly adapt all operating conditions of the customer
  • Dual CPU (dual central processing unit) function
    Secure the highest stability by monitoring each other’s control status between two CPUs
The EGM System applied the burner and control system of the world’s best quality.
LMV5…Burner Management System
This is the most sophisticated type of air fuel ratio control system and the world’s best burner operating system officially incorporated in our boilers for the first time in Asia.
  • Inverter Two-Damper O2 Trimming System
    Provides an optimized combustion status in all load operations
  • Dual CPU System
    Secure the highest stability by monitoring each other’s control status between two CPUs
  • High Resolution System
    Electronic air fuel ratio control with ultra precision control of gas damper, air damper and inverter
  • Safety Function System
    Provides an integrated safety function and specifications through SIL3 safety certification of European T•U•V
Climatix Boiler Control System
  • Full Package System
    Perfectly respond by modularizing all functions of the boiler
  • Easy Commissioning System
    Apply to operation of other boilers of the same capacity without separate adjustment by saving the optimized operation data of the boiler
    Encodes over 500 errors of the boiler to rapidly respond to failures
  • CCMS(Central Control & Monitoring System)
    Control the number of units and integrated operations with the central monitoring system of the boiler
  • System Integration
    Provides open type protocol of various types (BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, Modbus IP, Modbus RTU, LON)
Boiler Control System
  • Design by cutting edge 3D flexible interpretation
  • Ultra low NOx operation
  • Enhance combustion efficiency by applying a lean burning system
  • Maintain an optimized combustion status by adjusting the air amount in 3 stages
  • Maintain the highest combustion efficiency by controlling the supply angle of air and gas depending on the combustion room
  • Reduce O2 and NOx by applying a self-circulating type of combustion gas