• Product Introduction
  • Flue tube-smoke tube boiler vs. multi-tubular boiler
Choose the ideal boiler system
General hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, multipurpose buildings, leisure facilities, schools, water parks, apartments
Double-effect condensing boiler
The boiler is key equipment of business sites using energy of high cost, and choosing the ideal boiler helps surplus management. With 40 years of history of producing condensing boilers and tubular boilers, this company has comparatively analyzed in details the pros and cons of two boiler types to help facility designers and users determine the ideal boiler.

  • Controlled burning modulated to change in pressure following the load and continuous water supply type raise the steam quality to raise the efficiency of steam equipment and reduce time.

  • There are less installed boilers, and because the inverter blower and water supplying pump are continuously operated to reduce operating noise, fuel consumption and electricity consumption is greatly reduced.

  • Air pre-heater and scrubber type economizers are attached to enhance efficiency by over 100%, and by installing 2-3 units of large scale boilers, multifunction is possible.

  • As the heating surface is large (5 times tubular type), there are many unit quantities in possession (20 times tubular type) and with a structure unaffected by water treatment, replacement of tubes is convenient and can be used for 10-20 years.
Multitubular boiler
If dozens of small scale boilers repeatedly turn on and off for several tens of times per hour and several tens of thousands of times annually according to change in load:

  • When the steam valve is opened, the boiler pressure falls, water escapes and steam quality deteriorates resulting in diminished performance of steam equipment (cannot respond to change in load).

  • Turns from hi-low-off for several tens of times per hour and several tens of thousands of times annually, resulting in frequent failure (A/S) due to tubular installation, and fuel consumption and operating power increases in case of ignition/stop purge.

  • The noise from dozens of boilers including the operating noise during purge ignition from the blower before ignition and after stopping, the burner noise, and the intermittent operating noise of the water supply pump are noisy enough for operators to find it hard to keep in place.

  • The heating surface exploited due to the small heating surface and possessed quantity is sensitive to water treatment (scale), resulting in frequent damage of the water tube, and as it is a boiler with an entirely welded structure, water tube replacement is impossible, requiring replacement of the whole unit. (average lifetime of 5.5 years – source from the Korea Energy Management Corporation)