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Overseas Business Department
Daeyeol Boiler
Vietnam Branch
In March 2014, building consent for representative offices was approved by the Vietnamese government, and the branch was established in Hanoi, Vietnam for the first time as a company of boilers for industrial use.
The Vietnamese branch is a bridgehead for advancing into Southeastern markets such as Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia as well as Vietnam, and in the future, by establishing a local corporation, we are planning to supply products demanded by customer companies more quickly at reasonable prices.
Currently, centered around the Northern area of Hanoi, we are providing overall consultation for purchasing, installation and operation of industrial boilers mainly targeting Korean companies and local companies including LG Electronics, Hyundai Aluminium Vina, Daewoo Hotel, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 Building, Vinh Phu Plastic, Yen Bai Hospital, etc. Also, in the Ho Chi Minh area, the same service is provided with the partner company.
Also, a full time A/S technician specializing in industrial boilers is dispatched from the main headquarters in Korea to provide guarantee service and maintenance service for products of companies previously delivered to, as well as diagnosis for boilers of other companies free of charge and consultation service for maximizing operation efficiency.
We will continuously put effort to maximize customer satisfaction through consistent service on our products used by Korean companies in Vietnam.